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No sunglasses on this puppy….


Fuzzy wants a part of the mission and vision action

The Vision

Code Infinity aims to transform the way IT specialists interact in the business world by creating a vocational environment where skilled individuals from different disciplines can collaborate together and have fun.

The Mission

  • To provide expert skills at fair market related prices.
  • To deliver high quality products for any platform and device.
  • To provide quality service and support to customers.
  • To create a work environment where each individual is recognized for their skill and passion.
  • To create a desire for learning new things every day.
  • To serve the community with the skills we have been blessed with by The Creator.
  • To enjoy our work at all times even though the tasks may be challenging and the road untravelled.
  • To hold integrity and honesty as the only policy in all our dealings.
  • To contribute to the creation and distribution of “open source” software.