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Jaco Dippenaars feeling for Code Infinity

Jaco Dippenaar’s feeling for Code Infinity

It becomes clear to me whilst working on our latest projects that when working in teams there is a clear need for better documentation of how we think and convey our solutions to other developers.  In working with frame works one is limited to how one can solve a solution but when it comes to a system like TINA4 each developer can program in his own way.  Now that does not mean that we all should be like zombies and be put in a box but clearly there are some good principals to follow.  Here are some of my thoughts on the basics.

  • Plan what you are going to do before starting, 30 minutes planning saves hours
  • Prototype complex code in a sandbox
  • Comment your code before you code
  • Never repeat code – make objects or functions to do repetitive things
  • Always code simple, simple is better
  • The best code you write is the code you never have to write (thanks Boian)

Have fun coding, if you have any extra good principles to share then post them in the comments section below.






Image of the Tina4PHP Logo

This is not another framework 4 PHP

Last night we held a soft release of the Tina4PHP open-source web based development environment. We at Code Infinity use and develop Tina4PHP extensively for our rapid web development, it is indespensable and many of us would be lost without it. It’s the development environment that built itself. The list of features is at the bottom of this post, you can tell that there are a lot of powerful tools packed into it.

Here is the link to the project.

Tina4PHP – (This Is Not Another Framework 4 PHP) – A RAD Browser based Development tool with the Cross Database Engine for PHP as its foundation. Manage multiple developers and source on the same web driven application development tool.


  • Develop Once for All Databases
  • Develop in a Browser – No more FTP
  • Automatic Source code versioning
  • Manage a team of developers working on the same project
  • RAD development for PHP
  • Menu driven development
  • Coffee Script
  • SCSS
  • Automated AJAX

Software Academy

This week we were 11 people at the Software Academy meeting and we were doing CSS again.

Everyone at the software academy

Software Academy

As promised here are the links and resourses for what was covered:

For more on CSS visit w3schools/css.

CSS is extremely powerful when building web pages and layouts, and although we barely scraped the surface, we will come back to a few advanced CSS features at a later point.

Keep fiddling!