Getting TINA4PHP and WAMP server to work together…


It might be a bit complicated or confusing when trying to get the tina4php interface onto your browser, so I’ve created a step by step guide to get these things working on your machine:

1.) Download WAMP server here
2.) Open wamp server (an icon will appear in the taskbar, bottom left corner).
3.) Click on wamp icon in taskbar, go to PHP, go to PHP extensions, enable phpsqlite3
4.) Download tina4php files from the sourceforge project.
5.) Copy tina4php files into www folder under wamp under C drive.
6.) Open your browser.
7.) Go to localhost/?interface=Developer
8.) A page will pop up asking for an username and a password, username: admin , password: admin

(these steps take you to the tina4 interface where you can code and fiddle around.)

I hope this proves useful to any who struggled to get stuff working, if any other problems arise, feel free to ask on the software academy group: