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How set up a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox

First of all download yourself a copy of VirtualBox here. Now there are two ways on how you can install VirtualBox: using the Terminal and Ubuntu Software Center (searching “VirtualBox”).

  • I doing it via Terminal using the commands: “sudo apt-get install virtualbox” Screenshot from 2014-05-27 13_34_30
  • After the installation is complete, run VirtualBox and select “New” to Create a New Virtual Machine. Enter a name for your machine, select a type and version. For this demonstration I specified my name as “MYUBUNTUSERVER”, selected “Linux” for type and “UBUNTU (x64)” for version. Screenshot from 2014-05-27 13_40_39
  • Memory size depends on the purpose you going to use the machine for. In my case I left the default size (512MB). Screenshot from 2014-05-27 13_41_06
  • Select the option “Create a Virtual Drive”.Screenshot from 2014-05-27 13_41_23
  • Choosing a Hard Drive File Type depends on the purpose you going to use the Server for. For this demonstration I selected VHD (Virtual Hard Disk). Screenshot from 2014-05-27 15_16_08
  • I selected “Dynamically allocated” because then my Hard drive will expand as needed, but if you choose to set a fixed size limit, then do so. Screenshot from 2014-05-27 15_16_31
  • Now set the limit to the amount of space the Virtual Hard drive can use. I set mine to 80GB. Screenshot from 2014-05-27 15_17_41When click on create you have successfully created a Virtual Machine and can now install almost any Operating System and use it as of it was a physical machine.

We will be using this Virtual Machine to setup a Virtual Linux Ubuntu Server, click here to follow.